What are Waivers?

Waiver certificates are being used to control and manage the import and export effectively. A Waiver document contains full details of the exporter/ importer, shipping method (LCL, FCL, Breakbulk or RORO), full description and value of the goods being shipped, name of the vessel and freight costs. For all cargoes, the shipper or its forwarder is obligated to issue a Waiver document in the port of loading. Cargoes arriving without a valid Waiver document will be blocked for delivery by the local customs.

A Waiver can also be called a BESC, BIETC, BSC, CEE, CNCA, CTN, ECTN or FERI. This depends on the country of destination.

Currently, there are 21 African countries for which a Waiver is required. It is not needed for all African destinations. Please visit the separate country pages. Here you will find all documents and additional information we need to get your waiver validated!